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You must have uncovered your heater for the fall season, but be careful as it can smell unusual. Heaters too, can smell burning, but nothing to panic. However, there is a red flag when you notice a bigger issue with your heating unit. But what’s exactly causing that burn? Have you ever asked yourself? Or if you want more clarification, then continue reading the blog in which the AC repair Florida service has tried its best to explain a few obvious reasons behind the burning smell of your heater.


Burning of dust on the heating system leads to a smell of burning. But it is okay. When your heater is not used for a long time, it tends to collect dust. As we all know heater is used only in winters to heat up your home. So during the spring and summer seasons, the dust gets settled on the heater.


Your heating unit starts getting warm up, which further leads to dust getting warm up giving a smoky scent. You simply smell the burning smell when you first turn up your heater in winter. Burning is normal, but it is not pleasant to smell.


Another peculiar point of having a burning smell is the debris accumulation inside the furnace. Sometimes foreign objects can get inside the unit, making it dirtier, dustier, and leading to burnout in the heater. So when you sense burning of plastic type, immediately turn off the unit.

Or it may be possible that the motor has been overheated or there might be some faulty wiring. Calling an HVAC technician from AC repair Florida service is the best solution for this issue. Keep a check on your unit and always get it checked whenever you sense a burning smell.

Electrical Wiring

Sometimes faulty wiring creates bad odours like rubber, plastic, and gunpowder. So whenever you smell these smells, turn off your heating unit. Burning smell of wiring is an indication that any of the components are not working fine. Or it could be that the unit has been overheated quote a lot leading to a burning smell. But don’t try to handle faulty electrical wiring as it could be dangerous. It’s better to call an HVAC technician to fix the issue.

Now How Can You Keep These Strange Smells Away?

While you won’t always keep the burning smell away, you can still try some measures to lower the chances of these strange smells.

Use an Air Purifier

Air purifiers can kill airborne bacteria, viruses, and mold from emerging. Smells can be removed easily using an air purifier.


Before you fully use your heater for the season, inspect and get it checked by a professional thoroughly to get rid of that dust and debris from it.

Keep Filters Clean

Replacing and cleaning of filters should be done every once in six months. This way the filters will work fine and the possibility of unusual smells will be reduced.

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