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Without any AC system, summers can’t even be imagined, whether you stay at home or go to the office, you need an air conditioner for coolness. You do every possible thing to maintain your unit and achieve coolness out of your central machine. However , even then if it sometimes fails down can give really troubled days and nights to combat the heat of the summer. Isn’t it? Well! As a house owner you should know why your system is failing because most of the time, you don’t know why it is going out of order and you end up suffering from the hot weather. There are a few signs which your central air conditioning unit indicates before it fails. So if you want to know about those signs, then read the blog further.


When you turn ON your system, do you hear some type of loud or weird sound out of it? Does your unit sound the same as it did last time? If there are changes in system’s sound, then most probably the fan motor is trapped in dust, dirt, debris, and leaves. Or it could be possible that motor bearings need replacement. Once you hear any type if unusual sound, just stop the system to avoid further damage.

Uneven Cooling

Now another sign, as always told by AC repair Florida service to its customers, is when you find that some rooms are cooling and some are not. This happens because of air filters being clogged with dust and dirt which restricts airflow and causes uneven cooling. Make sure to change air filters on time or replace them when required. Cleaning of filters will help resuming effective cooling by the central air conditioning unit.

Unit is not Blowing Cool Air

Now if your unit is not blowing cool air, then just call a professional to fix it up. Still, if you find that there is no effective cool air, then you need to replace your unit as it could have become older due to which it is now have become unable to render quality cool air.

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